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REGREEN Implementation Workshop

Capstone course in the REGREEN Trained™ certificate program
Format: Full-day, in-person workshop (instructor-led)
Venue: Major markets across the U.S.

Course Description
The REGREEN Implementation Workshop is based on the REGREEN Residential Remodeling Guidelines©, a set of sustainability best practices that emphasize green product selection, team integration, and whole-systems thinking. Filling a unique niche in the marketplace, REGREEN is designed for professionals who want to create sustainable, healthy interiors through single-scope projects such as a kitchen or bath remodel, as well as a whole-house gut rehab or historic renovation.

The new interiors-focused practicum was developed by ASID to address the industry-specific challenges interior designers face when renovating a client space. The full-day course is full of practical tools and in-depth applications to prepare designers to make sustainable retrofit decisions that save money, improve home performance, and contribute to healthy interiors. Building on foundational knowledge from the REGREEN Guidelines, the workshop employs faculty-led instruction and team charrettes for a fast-paced, information-filled day that will transform your design practice. The workshop is the capstone course in the REGREEN Trained certificate program.

Learning Objectives
1. Identify pre-design issues and green remodeling strategies using the REGREEN Strategy Generator and/or REGREEN Residential Remodeling Guidelines© to adopt in daily practice.
2. Understand the value of engaging whole-systems thinking and professional team integration at the beginning and throughout the project, engaging all stakeholders.
3. Incorporate effective and efficient spatial relationships, adjacencies, and sustainable design best practices when developing interior and exterior space plans.
4. Understand, select, and specify environmentally-preferable building materials, furniture, finishes, and equipment that contribute to health indoor environmental quality and the conservation of natural resources.
5. Educate the client about employing non-toxic materials and methods for cleaning and maintenance operations.


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