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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to have a lot of "green" experience to take a REGREEN course?

No, you do not have to be a green expert to participate in REGREEN. In fact, the fundamental purpose of REGREEN is to educate designers, architects, builders, contractors, realtors, and even homeowners about creating healthy, high-performing homes. REGREEN principles and strategies highlight team integration and holistic thinking while focusing on non-toxic materials and finishes that contribute to healthy indoor air quality and appliances and fixture that maximize energy efficiency and water conservation. If you're just starting to explore the world of green desgin, REGREEN is the perfect program to get acquainted with these principles and start designing healthier interiors for your clients.

How much does it cost to become REGREEN Trained?

For ASID members, the cost is $270:

  • $60 application fee
  • $75 online courses (5 @ $15 each)
  • $195 REGREEN Implementation Workshop

For non-members, the cost is $525:

  • $60 application fee
  • $105 online courses (5 @ $21 each)
  • $360 REGREEN Implementation Workshop

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What is the difference between LEED and REGREEN?

First of all, REGREEN is an educational and resource program based on a set of best practices guidelines, not a rating system. The REGREEN Residential Remodeling Guidelines offer holistic integrated strategies for green residential remodeling. LEED is a building rating system that focuses on energy efficiency and water conservation. The LEED AP/Green Associate program is a third-party individual accreditation centered on attaining LEED certification with one of the individual LEED rating systems. The goal of REGREEN is to educate; the goal of LEED is to achieve certification.

Secondly, REGREEN is project-based (kitchen, bathroom, live/work space) and scalable (up to a whole-house gut rehab) and focuses on existing housing stock. While REGREEN was developed for residential remodeling, it is also applicable to commercial design and historic renovation projects. For example, the materials vetting protocol and team integration process taught in the REGREEN workshop is appropriate for hospitality, office, and institutional projects. LEED addresses new construction within a particular rating system, with the exception of the commercial-only Existing Buildings Operation & Maintenance (EBOM) rating system. LEED does not currently have a rating system for existing homes.

Finally, REGREEN does not certify a building or individual as LEED does. The second-party REGREEN Trained™ certificate program offers 13 continuing education credits and educates design professionals on how to create healthy, high-performing interiors across design disciplines.
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Do REGREEN education courses provide LEED AP/GA CEs?

The continuing education units for the in-person workshop do count toward LEED credential maintenance, as well CEU requirements for ASID and IIDA membership. The REGREEN Implementation workshop offers 8 hours of credit. For more information about CEU or IDCEC reporting, contact ASID's education team,

Does ASID automatically submit my CEU credits to IDCEC for the online courses and workshop?

There are generally two types of courses involved in reporting continuing education units (CEU): online and in-person. ASID does not report CEU from the e-learning modules, you will need to self-report those. After you complete the online course(s) and short quiz, you can access and print your certificate of completion for the online course from the "Transcripts" tab on the ASIDUNi website. You can then log into your account on the IDCEC website and report the CEU for the online course.

It’s a little different for in-person courses. The instructor (in this case ASID) will report your attendance at the in-person REGREEN Implementation Workshop. A few days after the event, you should receive an email from IDCEC that your attendance has been recorded for the in-person course. You should then log into your IDCEC account and the workshop should appear on your dashboard. Click on the course and complete the brief satisfaction survey and your certificate of completion for the workshop will be available to you (PDF format). Your 0.8 HSW CEU from the workshop will then be officially recorded. For additional information about reporting CEU or IDCEC, contact Valerie O'Keefe at 202-675-2351 or

Why does the workshop offer only 0.8 CEU for an 8-hour course? How many credit hours can I report to GBCI or AIA?

IDCEC uses slightly different nomenclature for continuing education credit than most organizations. For IDCEC, each 60 minutes of instruction earns 0.1 continuing education units (8-hour workshop earns 0.8 IDCEC CEU). That same 8-hour course is recorded as 8 CE hours for GBCI, AIA, etc. It’s the same amount of time and credits, just expressed a little differently.


Is there a particular order I should take the online courses? Should I take the online courses before the workshop or vice versa?

There is not a required order for taking the REGREEN courses, with the exception of the prerequisite for the workshop. We recommend that you complete the online courses before taking the workshop to maximize your learning potential while you're face to face with the instructor. However, completing the remaining online courses after the workshop can also be beneficial as it reinforces the principles and strategies you learned at the workshop. It usually comes down to logistics - when/where a workshop is being held and personal availability.

Is REGREEN open to students?

Yes, REGREEN is open to students. If your educational institution does not specialize in sustainability or offer green programming in the curriculum, REGREEN is the perfect supplemental educational program. In fact, becoming REGREEN Trained is a great designation to add to your resume to start the green conversation. It will set you apart in job interviews and potential employers will appreciate your expertise and initiative.

Do I have to be an ASID member to become REGREEN Trained?

No, you do not have to be an ASID member or even a designer to enroll in the REGREEN Trained program or enroll in REGREEN courses. REGREEN is open to all design+build professionals: interior designers, architects, realtors, contractors, project managers, builders, developers, property managers, and educators.

Do I have to be an interior designer to take REGREEN courses or download the Guidelines?

No, you do not have to be a design professional in order to take REGREEN courses or use the Guidelines. Homeowners can REGREEN their homes using REGREEN strategies and resources. The REGREEN guidelines were designed to provide sustainability best practices for anyone looking to improve home performance, conserve energy, and save money.

How long does it take to complete the REGREEN Trained curriculum?

The REGREEN Trained curriculum includes 5 online courses and 1 in-person workshop. You can complete the online courses in one weekend. Each course takes approximately 1 hour to complete, depending on how long you explore the “field trips” or external websites and web tools. The full-day workshop (8 am-6 pm) is conducted in various cities around the country throughout the year. You can see the full schedule at  

I have a new sustainable project starting soon. Will I have time to complete the entire REGREEN Trained certificate program?

We recommend that you begin the online courses soonest to give you the foundational principles and strategies to inform your project. You can start using the Strategy Generator and REGREEN Guidelines right away. Even if you can’t attend the workshop before your project kick-off, taking the online courses and using REGREEN tools will help you outline your sustainability goals and objectives. You can then complete the full curriculum by attending a workshop when it’s convenient for you.

How do I access online REGREEN courses?

To access REGREEN courses online, the ASID e-learning platform.  You should see the course title(s) onscreen and be able to select it to purchase the course. For technical assistance with the online system or accessing your certificate of completion, contact Valerie O'Keefe at 202-675-2351 or



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